foliege began as an idea in my head in mid-2021.i wanted to combine all of my creative interests into one cohesive project.i know things have been quiet for a good while now but i still have plans for when the time is right...see you in the future!💚

special thanks to Romeo for the design work on the foliege logo!


december 17, 2021
rayleigh scattering (cover)

vestige (for formzine)this is a magazine spread that i created for artbyform's formzine projecti'm honored that it was included for the print and digital editions of vol. 1thank you, form!

samples (for camp boneyard)this is a collection of samples i submitted in 2022 and 2023 for camp boneyardthey were originally offered as part of charity donation goal sample packsthe mxd samples were recorded from a korg minilogue xd
the mta samples were recorded from a mixtape alpha
there's also a fun little harmonica toot recording for good measure
thank you, camp boneyard!